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The Criminal Minds Plot Bunny Farm
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For people looking to give away, challenge, or adopt fanfiction story ideas about Criminal Minds.
Welcome to the Criminal Minds Plot Bunny Adoption Farm. The purpose of this community is to allow writers of Criminal Minds fanfiction to exchange/adopt story ideas that they are unable to write themselves. Anyone is free to offer a bunny up for adoption to a good home, or to adopt a bunny for themselves. In addition, this community may be used for the posting of the resulting fic, the issuing of fic challenges, and the securing of Beta Readers for those looking for someone to proofread their work. Additional posts relating to the show are welcome as well.

Please read the following format carefully. Although posts will not be deleted if they don't follow the format, this makes it easier for people to navigate the community.

1) PLOT BUNNIES - Do you have an idea for a fic that you just don't have time to write? Maybe you don't feel up to the task of writing it yourself, but you just can't stand to let the idea go unheard? Here's your chance to see that pesky bunny in print. Offer the bunny up for adoption, and maybe a kind author will be able to give it the home it deserves.
Simply leave a post with the title PLOT BUNNY and any additional information you deem necessary. Inside the post, include a basic summary of your idea (including genre, and any characters/pairings that may be involved). It is up to you how detailed to make this, and how much of your idea you insist on remaining in the fic. While some people may simply be happy to give an author a basic idea and let them run with it, others may want to see certain lines of dialogue or progressions of plot remain intact. This is something to negotiate with the adoptee.
PLEASE post the majority of your summary behind an LJ-cut. It makes the site easier to navigate and allows people the choice of reading your idea or not. If you are unsure how to do this, go here. If your plot bunny includes a surprise ending, or some element you do not wish to share with the internet at large (for fear of ruining the future fic's awesomeness), leave an acceptable method for interested authors to contact you seeking additional information and notes.
TO ADOPT: If you are interested in adopting a plot bunny, please indicate this interest in the comments section of that post. Allowing multiple authors to write on the same plot bunny will be left up to the discretion of the bunny's original owner.
******Please try and put 'bunny' or 'plot bunny' in the tag list. It will make things easier in the long run.

2) FICS - Once a plot bunny has been written, please feel free to post it here. The only major request is that you include a rating and any applicable warnings. Indicate whether your fic is "Gen" [No pairing, focuses on the plot], "Het" [Deals with a straight pairing (woman/man)], or "Slash" [Deals with homosexual relationships (male/male, female/female)]. A suggested format when posting fics:
Spoilers (if any):
Pairings (if any):
Author's Notes (if any):
Obviously, only put the information that is relevant to your fic. If your fic is based off of an adopted plot bunny, please mention the name of the user who submitted the bunny in your author's notes. It's the polite thing to do.
Additionally, authors are welcome to post fics to this site regardless of whether or not they received inspiration from an adopted plot bunny. Good fanfiction is always appreciated by all, so make yourself at home.
******Please try to put 'fic' in the tag list. It will make things easier in the long run.

3) CHALLENGES - Some authors may not wish to submit a full-blown plot bunny, but may instead have an idea for what they'd like to see in a story, or perhaps prompts for a fic. These may be submitted in the same format as PLOT BUNNIES, under the heading CHALLENGE.
Write a story about Hotch involving a bathing suit and the words 'fire hydrant', 'plethora', and 'hamburger'. Garcia must be featured in some way. No pairings, and no OC's if possible.
These challenges will be taken on in the same way as the adoption of plot bunnies. Again, it is up to the original poster as to the number of people that may engage in the challenge. Please remember to follow the same format as when posting PLOT BUNNIES, and to use an LJ-cut if necessary.
****Please try to put 'challenge' in the tag list. It will make things easier in the long run.

4) Beta Readers - Do you have trouble catching your spelling mistakes? Is English not your native language? Perhaps you need someone to bounce ideas off of? Or maybe you'd like to offer your services in any of these areas. This is the place to do it.
Simply post a message with a heading indicating what it is you're looking for. If you only want someone to double-check your punctuation, say so. If you're looking for more of a wall to bounce ideas off of, mention that. It would be a good idea to indicate the types of fics you generally write or are looking to write, as some readers are not comfortable with certain genres/pairings.
Similarily, if you're offering to be a beta reader, indicate your strengths and weaknesses in this area, as well as your availability, and what sorts of fics you are interested in beta-ing for (for example, will you be comfortable proofreading graphic horror? Femslash? etc).
Be sure to indicate your preferred method of contact as well.
*****Please try to put 'Beta Reader' in the tag list. It will make things easier in the long run.

5) ADDITIONAL - Although the main purpose of this site is for the exchange of fic ideas, members are welcome to post additional information/announcements/advertisements for things relating to the show. Obviously, there are many other Criminal Minds sites out there, so if you have one feel free to post an ad for it here. Starting a letter-writing campaign to welcome a new cast member? Leave a post. Just read a new interview with the producers? Put a link up. THE MAIN RULE is that you not post information of a spoilerish nature without an LJcut. Not everyone wants to know intimate details about the show ahead of time, and many fans are internationals who may not have seen as far in the series as you have, so please have some respect for them.

Finally, this is intended to be a friendly site for anyone who is a fan of Criminal Minds. Trolling, flaming, or any type of harrassment will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in hurtful or harmful behaviour on this site will be warned once and banned upon repeat offence. If you are having problems with another member, please report it to me rather than engaging in a word-war with them. The situation will be dealt with accordingly. Please treat others the way you yourself wish to be treated :)