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happyface204 [userpic]
PLOT Bunny
by happyface204 ( happyface204)
at March 20th, 2016 (01:53 am)

Hello, I have a two plot bunnies that just won't leave my head but I don't have the time to write them. So maybe someone else can adopt it.

Reid was adopted when he was just a baby by Diana and William Reid. FBI and police found Reid as an infant surrounded by six dead people (killed in the most horrible way), all of them not related or parents to Reid. Gideon and Rossi worked the case but never found the killer. Reid joined the BAU but doesn’t want anyone to know about his past. Even Gideon and Rossi don’t realize who he is because when he was adopted they gave him a name (because no one found out who he belonged to,) and moves to Vegas. Reid keeps file of case with him and still continues to look for answers.
Reid’s mother (Diana Reid) was a profiler. The first woman profiles in the BAU. Had an affair with David Rossi. Rossi married or not is up to you. Reid’s mother moved to Las Vegas with Reid and had a schizophrenia, when David Rossi didn’t return her love.

Some things that either of these stories could have in them. (Your choice)
• Father still left when he was a kid. Had to take care of mother. Been through a few foster homes a couple of times because of it.
• Kept police off his mother by having sexual intercourse with the chief of the police in the LAPD.
• Was still bullied as a kid.
• He put his mom in a mental institution at 18 when his mother came at him with a kitchen knife, because of her schizophrenia.
• Met Gideon not that later.
• Ethan and Reid are sex friends.
• Reid is 19 years old when he joins the BAU.

Other than that I want you people to go nuts with it. Pairing, slash, non-slash. What ever your little hearts desire.

Wiki Minkiewicz [userpic]
Harry Potter/Criminal Minds Writing Prompt
by Wiki Minkiewicz ( wiks11)
at December 25th, 2015 (02:28 pm)

Harry Potter/Criminal Minds crossover
Slash: m/m
Paring(s): Harry Potter/Spencer Reid (main pairing), other pairings are optional
Angst: Not too much
Preferably Harry as a dominant in the relationship

Harry has had enough of everyone in Britain and as he is working for the British muggle and magical government, he asked for a transfer to an American law enforcement agency. Harry is known for his cases and Strauss has had an eye on him for some time. When one of her contacts tells her about Harry moving to America she seizes the chance for him to be in the BAU.

Strauss doesn't know about magic.

Harry accepts the transfer and joins the team on a case.

Strauss wants Harry to be on Cooper’s teams so she asks Hotch to evaluate him, profile him etc.

Harry and Derek don’t get along because Derek mistrusts him as he has a secretive past/life/everything.

Reid likes Harry because he appreciates him, treats him equally and they are both smart.

Everyone except Derek seems to like Harry and Hotch wants him to stay.

Garcia is curious and searches for Harry's file. The team get Harry’s file and it is large but most of it is blacked out and top secret.

Rossi is on the team, not Gideon

Magical Harry

If one were to write this could you post the link below or on my journal, please!

Reid Dates A Murderer or Bounty Hunter
by b100df3110w ( b100df3110w)
at July 15th, 2014 (12:36 am)

I would love to read about Reid unknowingly dating and even marrying a murderer, or knowingly dating a modern-day, bounty hunter who works for the government.

Things to consider:

Reid is gay or bi.
Murderer and/or bounty hunter is a guy.
Smut is always welcome.
Murderer and/or bounty hunter is NOT a sociopath.

BAU team should include Emily,Rossi, Hotch, Morgan, Garcia, and JJ, Reid.
Henry and Jack, and if you want Haley, too.

What I consider to be some AWESOME Reid fanfic ideas. I can't write though :(
by 1lovethelord ( 1lovethelord)
at October 8th, 2013 (04:46 pm)

I have been looking of a specific fanfiction type for a while and was unable to find it. Neither was anyone else. So here's to hoing someone actually does this.

1. A fanfic about Reid being a secret psychopath. As in, while the team are chasing killers and helping people the one killer they don't know about it right in front of them. At some point they find them out or he tells them and turns himself in.

2. A fanfic where Reid commits suicide. Feel free to go nuts in this one. A couple if idea as to why is that he accidentally overdoses on Dilaudid ad has a note for a just in case type if thing.

3. A fanfic were Reid has a completely separate life. As in when he isn't around the team he is smooth with the ladies, dresses well, has a family (wife and kids).

Please no sex scenes.


Morgan/Reid Drug Use Plot Bunny
by misspinkloid ( misspinkloid)
at April 3rd, 2013 (10:29 am)

I'm new to the site, so sorry if I do something wrong :)

I would love to see this plot:
Spencer and Derek are engaged, but Spencer relapses and shows up to his wedding high.

Tips/Things to Consider:
Who notices?
What is Morgan's reaction?
Did Morgan know about the relapse ahead of time, was it a secret, or did it just happen?
If the wedding was on the anniversary of Tobias, that could've been a trigger.

I would love to have multiple authors to see different variations of this!

I'm not strict, so if this inspires something that's not what I suggested, I'd love to see that too!


hinata354 [userpic]
Reid in a night shirt (gown)
by hinata354 ( hinata354)
at January 14th, 2013 (12:33 pm)

I just thought this would be funny, I don't know if it exists or not. But is there a fic with Reid, maybe on one of his first cases, where one of the team finds out he sleeps in a nightshirt? Or just funny weird Reid sleeping habits? Sorry I've never posted here before! Thank you in advanced!!!! ^3^ (I posted this on cmfffinders too) http://cmficfinders.livejournal.com/503275.html

emory1030 [userpic]
Morgan jealous over Garcia
by emory1030 ( emory1030)
at January 7th, 2013 (02:40 pm)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

2DreamFire [userpic]
Reid-Centric Plot Bunny
by 2DreamFire ( 2dreamfire)
at November 26th, 2012 (12:43 am)

Hey, I'm new here, well not really, but it's my first time posting anything. Sorry if I do anything wrong. I'm not much of a writer, so I would do this myself, but I have no writing skills to speak of.

Basically, I want a story in which Reid develops an eating disorder. I have already read Filthy, Hunger, Dysmorphic, Disappearing Act, and some others. I don't really want a recommendation, but if there's one that I didn't mention above, I wouldn't mind you informing me of it. I prefer longer stories with multiple chapters, but a one-shot is fine. I'd prefer it if it had at least 3,000 words. It doesn't have to be a romance; I like general fics with a focus on friendship. If it is a romance, I like Morgan/Reid and Hotch/Reid. If it's a multi-chapter, I would like the story to detail Reid's spiral downwards into the depths of his eating disorder, why he developed it, the team finding out, and his road to recovery along with the struggles that come with it.

So, really, you can do anything you want with the story as long as there's a good focus on his eating disorder and his relationship with the team. If you can't already tell, I'm a big fan of angst and hurt/comfort, especially of the Reid variety. =)
I hope someone fills this, even if it's something short. As I said, I prefer it to be at least 3,000 words, but it doesn't have to be.

3am [userpic]
Plotbunnies of the crossover variety!
by 3am ( 3am_moonlight)
at October 10th, 2012 (12:12 am)

Hello, I'm new here. Thought I'd join to offer up a few plotbunnies. :)

Charmed crossoverCollapse )

Stargate crossoversCollapse )

akira_taisho [userpic]
by akira_taisho ( akira_taisho)
at November 24th, 2011 (03:52 pm)

current mood: curious

Okay, first time posting here, bear with me :)

I've got a few little plotbunnies, here. I'd love to write them, but my writing is slow, sporadic, and not as descriptive as I'd like (meaning I'm too critical of my work to enjoy it, haha). So I'm putting them up for adoption in hopes that some decent writer will do them justice.

[1] Hotch becomes an UnSub
Must contain:
- Spousal abuse on some level
- Hotch cares for Jack, maybe kidnaps him?
- Not AU meaning Hotch Is/Was a part of the BAU team. Maybe he quits, goes AWOL, or even starts killing while still on the team (preferred).
- The spousal abuse (especially emotional/verbal abuse) by Haley should be what drives Hotch past his breaking point.

[2] Sociopaths are People, Too
- The only criteria is that there should be a sociopath in the Fic, that is NOT a serial killer. Could be an OC or one of the team.

[3] Tourrettes Syndrome
- A character (NOT and UnSub) has tourrettes.
- The character should not paint a bad picture of those with tourrettes (that's why they aren't allowed to be an UnSub).
- Whoever writes this, please take the time to understand that only a VERY Small Portion of those with tourrettes shout words. most of them make sounds or have physical tics, similar to muscle spasms.

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